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Our conference and meeting halls have seen and hosted many international conventions, workshops and special banquets. Our clienteles include many NGO’s and INGO’s like the UN, corporate houses and prominent families seeking special venue / menu for their celebration. Whether a corporate conference, convention or a lavish banquet, our team is on hand to help you create a uniquely tailored event to suit your needs. Our objective is to make your function a memorable one, while you and your guests enjoy all the facilities of our hotel. Whatever the occasion, whether business or pleasure, we look forward to welcome and serve you with our personalized services. You can rely on our professionalism from your first phone call until the function is complete to your full satisfaction.

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Himalaya Grand Ball Room

Our crown jewel in event hosting. Now boasting state-of-the-art amenities, this stunning venue is perfect for any occasion.Experience the pinnacle of luxury and functionality at the Himalaya Grand Ballroom.

Size: 95(L) 45(B) 14(H) - 4275 sq.ft.

Skyline Hall

Ascend to sophistication in our Neo-classical Skyline Hall, where timeless elegance meets modern convenience. Elevate your events, from dynamic workshops to unforgettable banquets, amidst panoramic views and unparalleled luxury.

Size: 72.5(L) 29.5(B) 12(H) - 2138.75 sq.ft.

Rato Baithak

Our Rato Baithak hall is a spacious and elegant room with upholstered walls and state-of-the-art conference aids. Skyline Hall and Rato Baithak are conveniently located on the same floor.

Size: 72.5(L) 29.5(B) 12(H) - 2138.75 sq.ft

Green Room

If you want to have a private party or a confidential business discussion, our Green Room, strategically secluded on the third floor of the hotel is the best place for you.

Size: 33.5(L) 28(B) 12(H) - 938 sq.ft.

Regent Hall

Welcome to Regent Hall at Hotel Himalaya, where sophistication meets productivity. With advanced amenities like a whiteboard, flip chart, and soft board, we ensure seamless communication.

Size: 57(L) 37(B) 10(H) - 2109 sq. ft.

Board Room

Step into The Board Room, where every detail is tailored to elevate your business gatherings. From sleek design to cutting-edge amenities, unlock the perfect space for productive meetings and inspired collaborations.

Size: 23.5(L) 13.5(B) 12(H) - 317.25 sq.ft.


A private dining area is a reserved space within a restaurant for exclusive events too, providing a more personalized setting for occasions like business meetings or family celebrations. It offers a heightened, intimate dining experience separate from the main restaurant.


Savor the exclusivity of our private dining room, a haven of elegance and seclusion. Ideal for celebratory events or confidential gatherings, this space promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Book your visit for an exceptional fusion of seclusion and refinement.


Immerse yourself in the luxury of our refined private dining space, where sumptuous fare and a cozy atmosphere converge. Ideal for festive gatherings or corporate feasts, embark on a bespoke gastronomic voyage. Secure your reservation for a dining encounter that will linger in memory.

Palm Gardens

Step into the Palm Garden at Hotel Himalaya, where tranquility reigns amidst verdant palms. This serene enclave invites relaxation, reflection, and leisurely exploration. Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of natural beauty and comfort, designed for a restorative escape within the hotel’s embrace.

Size: 120(L) 75(B) - 9000 sq.ft.

Temple Garden

Explore the enchanting Temple Garden at Hotel Himalaya, a peaceful sanctuary adorned with flora rich in symbolism. This garden is a tranquil refuge for those seeking solace and inspiration, offering a unique blend of spiritual ambiance and natural beauty. It’s the perfect place for guests to reflect, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature’s serene splendor.

Size: 65(L) 60(B) - 3900 sq.ft.

Basecamp Garden

Welcome to the Basecamp Garden, your outdoor haven for rest and friendly gatherings. Inspired by the adventurous spirit of a basecamp, this garden is the heart of social life, a place to relax and connect. Simple yet beautiful, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy good company in the great outdoors.

Size: 84(L) 70(B) - 5880 sq.ft.

Combining The Venues

Hotel Himalaya offers a wide selection of elegant halls tailored to accommodate every occasion with grace and style

Cocktail Reception
Himalaya Grand Ball Room + Base Camp Graden Upto 550 pax
Himalaya Grand Ball Room + Basecamp Garden + Plam Garden + Temple Garden Upto 1500 pax
Palm Garden + Temple Garden Upto 1000 pax
Skyline Room + Rato Baithak Upto 300 pax

Event Amenities

Audio Visual Equipments
Stationary Essentails
High Speed WiFi
Fully Air-conditioned
A Proper Seating Arrangement
Digital Projectors


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